Friday, July 18, 2008

and Week 7 flies by....

Monday 7/14

Once again we found ourselves convened Monday morning in that infamous room 9 we've come to regard as something between a living room and tech lab. Today was reserved for working on our BPR document-Burlington Parks and Recreation and editing. Its amazing really how much work goes into compiling natural resource inventory.

We also worked diligently on our NAF project-New Acadia Farm. This program is acronym prone-we work with so many partners that it would take days to say their entire name every time we need to mention them. Maybe a little acronym song to help us remember BPR, UVLT
say can you seee, LHCF, GMNF, SLT RLT....

Tuesday 7/15

Out on the road to Montpelier where we visited Vermont Land Trust representative Dennis Shaffer and talked about some of LANDS previous projects as well as getting the organization run-down from him. The picture on the left shows our meeting with the Vermont Housing and Community Board which is conveniently located right next door to VLT. After Dennis, we walked approximately 200 feet through a woody trail to the VHCB building. There we had a great discussion about the goal of VHCB, some recent projects, their funding initiatives and their organization. Bill Costner and Karen Freeman helpfully answered our questions and spared us their time. Thanks to them!

Wednesday 7/16

This morning was spent thinking about our various projects for Stowe Land Trust. There are 3 different projects we are doing for them and we broke up into our groups and starting talking turkey. This land trust has conserved over 3000 acres of critical habitat and other natural areas in the Stowe area-that famous ski town we all know and love. The lands crew then headed out to the site, starting at the Mill Trail Property a 31 acre property acquired in October 2003 onwhich sits several historic cabins and areas.

At right is one of the Cabin's that used to be used as a blacksmith's shop

The group got a tour from Becca Washburn who showed us around the property and also from Jean whose knowledge on the history of the landscape gave the lands crew an excellent idea of the site. We returned to Burlington full of ideas and inspiration for this next project which would be quite unlike any we had done...

Thursday 7/17

The morning was occupied by a visit from Rick Zamore, our coordinator at the SCA and another SCA rep. They came to check out what we had been up, see our office and meet our interns. It was a great visit-and we showed them a few of the projects we've been working on including a extensive version of the Burlington Parks and Rec document.

In the afternoon, we headed back out to Stowe to help the property description team who are putting together information for the Stow Land Trust website. Our group split up and examined several sites including the Page Tract, the Weissner Property and Joe's Pond.

Friday 7/18

After a weeks worth of SLT in the field work, we were finally ready for a looong in office day to begin to put it all together. We all worked diligently on our respective projects: the curriculum crews working to put together in the field classes for adults and youth alike, the brochure team putting together information about the historic Mill Property and the property description team assembling all the information we had all compiled about several of the different sites conserved under the Stowe Land Trust that we had visited. And then finally, at 5:00pm came the weekend! signing out

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